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$15 per classFrom $18 per visit with Any Class 10-Pack passNo purchase required to enroll

As CrossFit athletes, we are always looking to perfect our form in every movement and on every piece of equipment. To be top tier, perform better, work at a high capacity and be efficient! The popularity of indoor rowing has grown, in part, due to CrossFit.

Those interested should:
-Be interested in increasing their aerobic capacity and fitness.
-Look to improve their performance in CrossFit WODs that include rowing (Read: “Jackie” or CF Games 2014 “Triple 3”).
-Want to increase core stability and connection of power through your body.
-Desire being in a team driven environment in which to better yourself and others through a supportive atmosphere and encouragement.

In class you can expect to learn proper care of yourself and erg. Be put through drills, sprint work, distance pieces and team workouts. Only rowing and mobility relating to rowing will be executed. Rowing and indoor rowing is unique sport in that it is a full body exercise, engaging 85% of our muscles and takes most of the body through a full range of motion. It is anaerobic, aerobic and great for strength conditioning. It is time efficient, low impact and great for athletes of any age.

Most classes will be taught outside under the great California sun; that is, unless it is too intense in which case shade will be provided or if there is inclement weather. Be prepared for this by adding sunblock or a hat to your gym bag and maybe getting a bigger bottle for water.

Classes are led by Coach Alia, who herself is an active rower. Alia is also experienced in writing individualized rowing programs, so if you’re not able or interested in training in our Rowing class, Alia can train you in a personal training setting or develop a program for you to train on your own. Please contact Alia with questions and inquiries regarding our Rowing Class, Personal Training, and Remote Coaching